We live in Central California between the Toulumne and Merced Rivers, in Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties. We say we live "on the Hill" because most of our area is reached only by a marked climb from 1000' elevation along the rivers to 2500' or higher where we choose to make our homes. We are Poison Oakers because the plant flourishes here. We are an agricultural area which grew up during the California Gold Rush on land which had been the home of bands of MiWuk Indians. Signs of their residency are everywhere -- if one looks carefully.

We live in or adjacent to the Stanislaus National Forest. Yosemite National Park is our back yard. San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy Project operates from here. Cowboys still drive cattle down the State Highway at least twice annually.

We are a proud and diverse community. We cry to be remembered.